Using Press Releases for Link Building: Does It Still Work?

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In the world of SEO, press releases have long been valued for their ability to generate backlinks. But

with the changing digital landscape, many wonder if press releases will still be effective for link building in

2023. Let’s explore whether press releases remain a valuable strategy for boosting SEO.

Why Press Releases Matter in SEO

Link building is crucial for SEO success, and press releases have become a part of this strategy. Originally

used to share company news with the media, press releases have evolved into a tool for building links

online. This article examines whether press releases hold weight in today’s competitive digital


Are press releases good for backlinks?

Press releases have traditionally been considered valuable tools for generating backlinks. However, their

effectiveness has evolved over time. Let’s explore whether press releases are still a reliable method for

acquiring backlinks.

1. Advantages of Using Press Releases for Link Building

  • Increased Visibility: Well-crafted press releases can enhance a brand’s reach by being published on news sites, signaling relevance to search engines.
  •  Brand Authority: Sharing a compelling story can strengthen a brand’s image and credibility, positively impacting SEO rankings.
  •  Backlink Opportunities: Each press release presents a chance to earn valuable backlinks, boosting a website’s credibility.

2. Drawbacks of Using Press Releases for Link Building

  • Overused Strategy: The widespread distribution of press releases has diminished their impact and trustworthiness.
  •  Quality Issues: Press releases often prioritize keywords and links over quality content, leading to dissatisfaction among readers and potential penalties from search engines.
  •  Google’s Scrutiny: Google is vigilant in detecting manipulative link practices, which can affect the effectiveness of press releases.

3. Best Practices for Press Releases in Link Building

  • Targeted Distribution: Focus on quality platforms and newsworthy content for effective press release distribution.
  •  Compelling Content: Craft press releases that resonate with human readers rather than solely focusing on SEO optimization.
  •  Monitoring and Adaptation: Continuously monitor the outcomes of press release campaigns and adjust strategies based on data and analytics.


In conclusion, press releases can still play a significant role in link building if integrated thoughtfully into a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Websites can enhance their online visibility and credibility by combining press releases with other digital PR tactics, such as influencer collaborations and content marketing.

When approached with quality and relevance, press releases remain a valuable tool for improving search engine rankings and engaging target audiences.

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