Tackling Duplicate Listings: A Local SEO Challenge

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Cleaning up your business’s local SEO and cutting through listing duplicates is much like gardening—tedious but necessary for growth. Think of it as a battle against clutter. Follow these simpler steps to sharpen your local online presence.

1. Scan and Clean Regularly

Think of your online listings as your garden. Just like weeds, duplicate listings keep popping up. Regular checks help you find and remove them. Start with a big check-up, looking everywhere from online directories to social media. Some listings might need a more hands-on approach, like talking to customer service. The goal? Be thorough and persistent.

2. Keep Your NAP Consistent

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number—it’s crucial for local SEO. Make sure these details are exactly the same everywhere online. Even small mistakes can mess up your SEO efforts. Consistency is key.

3. Make the Most of Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is super important for local businesses. It helps you stand out in search results. Claim your listing, make sure it’s correct, and use GMB tools to merge duplicate listings or mark them as closed. If things get tricky, GMB support is there to help.

4. Use Canonical Tags

If you’ve never heard of canonical tags, now’s the time to learn. They help you tell search engines which of your web pages is the most important when you have similar ones. It’s a way to say, “This is the one,” keeping duplicates from getting in the way.

5. Get Help from SEO Tools

Think of SEO tools as your high-tech armor. They make finding and fixing duplicate listings faster and easier. Tools like Moz Local or Whitespark do the heavy lifting, finding duplicates quickly. But remember, they’re helpers, not replacements for your own strategy.

By keeping things simple and consistent, dealing with local SEO and duplicates becomes manageable. Think of it as keeping your business’s online garden neat and tidy—a clear reflection of your business’s quality indoors and out.

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