How to Use SEO to Boost E-commerce Sales on Black Friday

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Getting your website ready for Black Friday doesn’t have to be complex. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to make sure your online store stands out when people are searching for great deals.

1. Start with the Right Words

First, think about the words people will use to find your Black Friday deals—these are your keywords. Use words related to what you’re selling like “Black Friday tech deals” or “iPhone 12 sale.”

2. Make Your Website Easy to Read and Navigate

Your website should be easy to use on phones and computers. Make sure it loads quickly and is simple to get around.

3. Create Helpful Content

Next, create content that’s useful and interesting, like gift guides or tips for Black Friday shopping. This should also include your chosen keywords.

4. Link Everything Together

Make sure your website is connected within and to other sites. Link to your own pages and get other sites to link back to you. This helps more people find you.

5. Check the Tech

Ensure your website works perfectly—fast loading, easy to use on a mobile, and no broken links.

6. Special Black Friday Page

Have a page just for Black Friday deals. Make it engaging with great pictures and deals, and use those important keywords.

7. Use Social Media and Email

Share your deals on social media and via email. Use the right words to catch people’s attention and bring them to your website.

8. See How You Did

After Black Friday, look at how your website did. Use tools like Google Analytics to see where you can improve for next time.


Making your online store shine on Black Friday is all about planning. Use the right keywords, make your website user-friendly, create engaging content, and connect everything well. By doing these simple things, you can help more people find your deals and boost your sales.

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