SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Local Business

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Making your local business pop online isn’t as complicated as it sounds. But, there are a few easy-to-miss steps that can make a big difference. Whether you’ve just started or have been around the block, avoiding these common slip-ups can help your business get noticed by people nearby. Here’s a quick run-down:

1. Not Claiming Your Google My Business

Your business needs to be on Google My Business. It’s like telling Google, “Hey, we’re here!” If you don’t, you’re missing out on being found by local customers.

2. Forgetting About Local Keywords

Use words in your website that local people search for. If you’re a coffee shop in Greenwich Village, make sure you mention “best coffee in Greenwich Village” on your site.

3. Mixed Up Contact Info

Make sure your business’s name, address, and phone number are the same everywhere online. Otherwise, Google gets confused and might not show your business in searches.

4. Ignoring Reviews

Online reviews are super important. Ask happy customers to leave a review and always reply to reviews, good or bad.

5. Not Mobile-Friendly

Most people use their phones to look stuff up. If your website is hard to use on a phone, people will leave. Make sure it’s easy to use on mobile.

6. Skipping Voice Search

With more people using voice search, make sure your website can answer common questions like, “What’s the nearest coffee shop?”

7. Not Getting Local Links

Having local websites link to yours helps a lot. Try to get mentioned by local blogs, directories, or organizations.

8. Not Updating Your Info

Always keep your business info up-to-date online. If you move or change hours, update your website and Google My Business right away.


Remember, local SEO is about being found by your neighbors. Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll have a better chance of showing up when people nearby are looking for what you offer. Keep it simple, be consistent, and watch your local business grow!

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