Local SEO Tools and Software: What the Pros Use

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Navigating the online world to stand out locally is tough. Luckily, there are fantastic tools out there that

can help any business shine in local searches.

We’ve picked out the best ones you should be using.

1. Google My Business

Get noticed online with Google My Business. It lets you control how your business appears on Google

Maps and search results, which is essential for being seen locally.

  • Manage Your Info: Keep your business details accurate so customers can find you.

  •  See What Works: Get stats on how people find you and where they come from.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush does more than global SEO; it’s a powerhouse for local market success. Use it to get ahead

locally with ads, keep an eye on your reputation, and know what your competition is up to.

  • Stay Visible: Make sure people can find you on maps and online searches.

  •  Target Locally: Create ads that speak to your local audience.

3. Moz Local

Moz Local makes sure your business shows up consistently everywhere online. It boosts your local visibility.

  • Keep Track of Reviews: Know what people are saying about you.

  •  Stay Consistent: Automatically update your business info everywhere.

4. BrightLocal

BrightLocal helps you see how well you’re doing in local searches by checking your Google My Business, where you’re mentioned online, and more.

  • SEO Check-Up: Find out where you can improve.

  •  Watch Your Ranking: Keep an eye on your local standing and competitors.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs reveals the secret of backlinks for local SEO success. See who’s linking to you and what your local competitors are doing.

  • Backlink Insights: Know who’s linking to you.

  •  Spot Opportunities: Find what content your local audience needs.

6. Whitespark

Whitespark helps your local search ranking with citation building. It ensures that your business is mentioned online in the right places.

  • Build Citations: Boost your online mentions.

  •  Track Ranking: See where you stand locally.

7. Yext

For businesses listed in many places, Yext ensures that your information is correct everywhere. It’s great for managing your online presence easily.

  • Sync Your Info: Update your business details across many platforms at once.

  •  Easy Management: This is especially good for businesses with many locations.

8. SERPStat

This tool is your go-to for local keyword research, understanding your competition, and tracking rankings.

  •  Content Ideas: Learn what content clicks with your local audience.

Is SEO tools free?

While many free SEO tools are available, it’s important to note that the range of features and capabilities they offer can vary significantly.

Some SEO tools offer free basic functionalities, while others provide more advanced features as part of premium or paid plans.

Free SEO tools can help conduct keyword research, analyze website performance, check backlinks, or monitor search rankings.

However, for more comprehensive SEO strategies and in-depth analysis, businesses often opt for paid SEO tools that offer additional features, data, and support.

The decision between free and paid SEO solutions comes down to the particular requirements and goals of the business, with paid tools typically offering more comprehensive insights and functionality for advanced SEO efforts.


Using these tools can seriously boost your business in local searches. Each has a special feature, from

managing your online reputation to ensuring your business details are correct. Choose what works best

for your business, and prepare to stand out locally.

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