The Connection Between Local SEO and Mobile Searches

Table of Contents

Getting found online by local customers is super important for your business. You want to be the first thing they see when they search for something you offer. Here’s a simple guide on making that happen.

1. Talk Like Your Customers

Use words your customers use. This helps them find you easier, not just through Google, but also when they specifically need what you’re selling.

2. Set Up Shop on Google My Business

It’s like claiming the best spot in the market but online. This lets people know when you’re open and how to get in touch.

3. Keep Your Contact Info the Same Everywhere

Make sure your business name, address, and phone number are the same on every website and app. This way, customers and Google don’t get confused.

4. Have a Website That Works on Phones

Most people use their phones to look stuff up. Make sure your website looks good and works fast on phones, so people don’t leave before seeing what you have to offer.

5. Make It Easy for Voice Searches

People are talking to their phones more to find things. Use long, chat-like phrases on your website that people might say out loud.

6. Ask for Reviews and Handle Them Well

Good reviews make you look great and help you show up higher in search results. Ask your customers to leave reviews and respond nicely to the not-so-good ones.

7. Get Mentioned Online

When other websites mention your business, it’s like a thumbs-up to Google. Try to get local sites to talk about you and link back to your website.

8. Keep Your Business Info Updated Everywhere

There are big companies that send your business info out to the web. Make sure the info they have is right, so everyone else gets it right too.


Being easy to find online, especially on phones, helps your business a lot. By following these steps, you make it easier for local customers to find and choose you. It’s not just good for your online rep; it’s great for your real-world business too. Remember, the easier you make it for customers to find and learn about you, the more likely they are to come knocking.

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