How to Compete in SEO with Big E-commerce Websites

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SEO can feel like you’re in a big battle against giant stores online. But don’t worry, even a small business like yours can stand out. Here’s how:

1. Know Your Stuff

Find out what makes your business unique. Use that to make your online content really shine.

2. Use Specific Keywords

Big stores might overlook longer, detailed searches. Use these to your advantage to get noticed by people who are looking exactly for what you offer.

3. Get Local

Make your business the go-to place for locals. Add your location everywhere online and talk about local events.

4. Quality Content Wins

Write really good and helpful articles or guides. Make sure your content is better than your competitors’.

5. Be Active on Social Media

Use social media smartly to share your great content, talk to your customers, and get more people interested.

6. Quality Backlinks Matter

Find reputable websites related to your business and get them to link back to you. This helps more people find you.

7. Make Your Website User-Friendly

Ensure your website is easy to use on any device. A great website makes visitors stay longer and buy more.

8. Use Schema Markup

This tool makes your website’s preview on search results look better, providing quick info like ratings or prices.

9. Watch Competitors

Keep an eye on what other businesses are doing. This can help you find out what works and what doesn’t.

10. Stay In-The-Know

SEO changes all the time. Keep learning about the latest trends to keep your website on top.


In simple terms, beating the big online stores means really knowing your unique strengths, connecting with your local community, providing awesome content, and making sure your website is easy and pleasant to use. It’s totally possible for small businesses to shine online with the right approach!

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